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Special Events and Photography


Pricing includes mini brow & skin grooming. Skincare prep with rejuvenating facial massage. Makeup prep followed by flawless long wearing/ waterproof & camera ready application. Customized high quality false lash application. Neck & chest bronzing. Reserve about an hour half of your time from entry to exit. 


Makeup and Hair ... $350

Makeup Only ... $175

Hair Only ...$150

Add on Extensions $30

Early Morning Fee (before 8 am) $50-100

After 5pm Fee - $50-100

Travel Fees Vary - $100+

If you are late to the appointment- there’s a late fee as well as a possible cancellation with loss of deposit. 


At Katie Lynn BEAUTY, we specialize in delivering natural makeup looks for professional headshots. Our expert team understands the importance of showcasing your true self while ensuring you look your best in the photographs.

We take a personalized approach to create a look that enhances your features while maintaining a natural appearance. Our skilled makeup artists work with high-quality products and techniques to achieve a subtle yet impactful result.

With our expertise, we focus on enhancing your complexion, emphasizing your eyes, and perfecting your overall look. We use lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizers matched to your skin tone, along with carefully applied concealer to conceal any imperfections.

Our team skillfully plays with neutral eyeshadows to create depth and definition, using gentle eyeliner and mascara to enhance your eyes without overwhelming them. We carefully groom and fill in your eyebrows to ensure a natural and well-defined look.

To add a touch of color, we choose blush shades that complement your skin tone, applying them lightly to the apples of your cheeks for a subtle flush. For the lips, we opt for neutral tones that enhance your natural beauty.

Rest assured, our aim is to make you look effortlessly radiant and confident in your headshots while maintaining a natural aesthetic. We believe that less is more when it comes to professional photography, and we take great care to ensure your makeup does not distract from your genuine presence.

When you choose our services, you can trust that our team will deliver a natural makeup look that allows your true personality to shine through while ensuring you show up beautifully in your headshots.

We look forward to working with you and capturing the best version of yourself.



Or please download the contract. I ask that you fill out, include all information on your part, and submit back to me via email,

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! I look forward to working with you!!